Africa Before Dark Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1927-1928
African Diary Goofy 1945
Alaskan Eskimo, The People and Places 1953
Alaskan Sled Dog live action 1957
Alice and the Dog Catcher Alice in Cartoonland 1924
Alice and the Three Bears Alice in Cartoonland 1924
Alice and the Toreador Alice in Cartoonland 1924
Alice and the Wild West Show Alice in Cartoonland 1924
Alice at the Carnival Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice at the Rodeo Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice Cans the Cannibals Alice in Cartoonland 1924
Alice Charms the Fish Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice Chops the Suey Alice in Cartoonland 1925
Alice Cuts the Ice Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice Foils the Pirates Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice Gets Stung Alice in Cartoonland 1925
Alice Helps the Romance Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice Hunting in Africa Alice in Cartoonland 1924
Alice in Dutch at School Alice in Cartoonland 1924
Alice in the Alps Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice in the Big League Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice in the Jungle Alice in Cartoonland 1925
Alice in the Klondike Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice in the Woolly West Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice Is Stage Struck Alice in Cartoonland 1925
Alice Loses Out Alice in Cartoonland 1925
Alice on the Farm Alice in Cartoonland 1925
Alice Picks the Champ Alice in Cartoonland 1925
Alice Plays Cupid Alice in Cartoonland 1925
Alice Plays the Pipers Alice in Cartoonland 1924
Alice Rattled by Rats Alice in Cartoonland 1925
Alice Solves the Puzzle Alice in Cartoonland 1925
Alice the Beach Nut Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice the Collegiate Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice the Fire Fighter Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice the Golf Bug Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice the Jail Bird Alice in Cartoonland 1925
Alice the Lumber Jack Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice the Peacemaker Alice in Cartoonland 1924
Alice the Whaler Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice Wins the Derby Alice in Cartoonland 1925
Alice's Auto Race Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice's Balloon Race Alice in Cartoonland 1925
Alice's Brown Derby Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice's Channel Swim Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice's Circus Daze Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice's Day at Sea Alice in Cartoonland 1924
Alice's Egg Plant Alice in Cartoonland 1925
Alice's Fishy Story Alice in Cartoonland 1924
Alice's Knaughty Knight Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice's Little Parade Alice in Cartoonland 1925
Alice's Medicine Show Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice's Monkey Business Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice's Mysterious Mystery Alice in Cartoonland 1925
Alice's Ornery Orphan Alice in Cartoonland 1925
Alice's Picnic Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice's Spanish Guitar Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice's Spooky Adventure Alice in Cartoonland 1924
Alice's Three Bad Eggs Alice in Cartoonland 1926
Alice's Tin Pony Alice in Cartoonland 1925
Alice's Wonderland    1922-1923
All in a Nutshell Donald Duck 1949
All Wet Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1927-1928
Alpine Climbers Mickey Mouse 1936
Ama Girls People and Places 1958
Aquamania Goofy 1961
Aquarela do Brasil from "Saludos Amigos" 1955
Arctic Antics Silly Symphonies 1930
Arizona Sheepdog People and Places 1955
Army Mascot, The Pluto 1942
Art of Self-Defense, The Goofy 1941
Art of Skiing, The Goofy 1941
Autograph Hound, The Donald Duck 1939
Autumn Silly Symphonies 1930
Babes in the Woods Silly Symphonies 1932
Baggage Buster Goofy 1941
Band Concert, The Mickey Mouse 1935
Banker's Daughter, The Oswald the Lucky Rabbit  1927-1928
Barn Dance Mickey Mouse  1928-1929
Barnyard Battle Mickey Mouse  1928-1929
Barnyard Broadcast Mickey Mouse 1931
Barnyard Concert, The Mickey Mouse 1930
Barnyard Olympics Mickey Mouse 1932
Bath Day Figaro 1946
Beach Party Mickey Mouse 1931
Beach Picnic Donald Duck 1939
Bear Country True-Life Adventure 1953
Bearly Asleep Donald Duck 1955
Bears and the Bees, The Silly Symphonies 1932
Beaver Valley True-Life Adventure 1950
Bee at the Beach Donald Duck 1950
Bee on Guard Donald Duck 1951
Beezy Bear Donald Duck 1955
Bellboy Donald Donald Duck 1942
Ben and Me Special 1953
Big Bad Wolf, The Silly Symphonies 1934
Big Wash, The Goofy 1948
Billposters Donald Duck 1940
Bird Store, The Silly Symphonies 1932
Birds in the Spring Silly Symphonies 1933
Birds of a Feather Silly Symphonies 1931
Birthday Party Mickey Mouse 1931
Blame It on the Samba Donald Duck (from "Melody Time") 1955
Blue Men of Morocco People and Places 1957
Blue Rhythm Mickey Mouse 1931
Boat Builders Mickey Mouse 1938
Bone Bandit Pluto 1948
Bone Trouble Pluto 1940
Bootle Beetle Donald Duck 1947
Brave Engineer, The Special 1950
Brave Little Tailor, The Mickey Mouse 1938
Bremen Town Musicians Laugh-O-Grams  1922-1923
Bright Lights Oswald the Lucky Rabbit  1927-1928
Broken Toys Silly Symphonies 1935
Bubble Bee Special 1949
Bugs in Love Silly Symphonies 1932
Building a Building Mickey Mouse 1933
Busy Beavers, The Silly Symphonies 1931
Cactus Kid Mickey Mouse 1930
Californy er Bust Goofy 1945
Camp Dog Pluto 1950
Camping Out Mickey Mouse 1934
Canine Caddy Pluto 1941
Canine Casanova Pluto 1945
Canine Patrol Pluto 1945
Cannibal Capers Silly Symphonies 1930
Canvas Back Duck Donald Duck 1953
Casey at the Bat from "Make Mine Music" 1954
Casey Bats Again cartoon 1954
Castaway, The Mickey Mouse 1931
Cat Nap Pluto Pluto 1948
Cat's Out, The Silly Symphonies 1931
Chain Gang, The Mickey Mouse 1930
Chef Donald Donald Duck 1941
Chicken in the Rough Chip 'n' Dale 1951
Chicken Little Special 1943
China Plate, The Silly Symphonies 1931
China Shop, The Silly Symphonies 1934
Chip 'an' Dale Donald Duck 1947
Chips Ahoy Donald Duck 1956
Cinderella Laugh-O-Grams 1922-1923
Clara Cleans Her Teeth   1926
Clock Cleaners Mickey Mouse 1937
Clock Store, The Silly Symphonies 1931
Clock Watcher, The Donald Duck 1945
Clown of the Jungle Donald Duck 1947
Cock o' the Walk Silly Symphonies 1935
Cold Storage Pluto 1951
Cold Turkey Pluto 1951
Cold War Goofy 1951
Commando Duck Donald Duck 1944
Contrary Condor Donald Duck 1944
Contrast in Rhythm from "Melody Time" 1955
Cookie Carnival Silly Symphonies 1935
Corn Chips Donald Duck 1951
Country Cousin, The Silly Symphonies 1936
Country Coyote Goes Hollywood, A live action 1965
Cow Dog live action 1956
Cowboy Needs a Horse, A cartoon 1956
Crazy Over Daisy Donald Duck 1950
Crazy with the Heat Donald & Goofy 1947
Cruise of the Eagle People and Places 1959
Cured Duck Donald Duck 1945
Daddy Duck Donald Duck 1948
Danube, The People and Places 1960
Delivery Boy Mickey Mouse 1931
Der Fuehrer's Face Donald Duck 1943
Disneyland After Dark live action 1963
Disneyland U.S.A People and Places 1956
Dog Watch Pluto 1945
Dog-Napper, The Mickey Mouse 1934
Don Donald Mickey Mouse 1937
Donald and Pluto Mickey Mouse 1936
Donald and the Wheel Donald Duck 1961
Donald Applecore Donald Duck 1952
Donald Duck and the Gorilla Donald Duck 1944
Donald Gets Drafted Donald Duck 1942
Donald in Mathmagic Land Donald Duck 1959
Donald's Better Self Donald Duck 1938
Donald's Camera Donald Duck 1941
Donald's Cousin Gus Donald Duck 1939
Donald's Crime Donald Duck 1945
Donald's Day Off Donald Duck 1944
Donald's Diary Donald Duck 1954
Donald's Dilemma Donald Duck 1947
Donald's Dog Laundry Donald Duck 1940
Donald's Double Trouble Donald Duck 1946
Donald's Dream Voice Donald Duck 1948
Donald's Garden Donald Duck 1942
Donald's Gold Mine Donald Duck 1942
Donald's Golf Game Donald Duck 1938
Donald's Happy Birthday Donald Duck 1949
Donald's Lucky Day Donald Duck 1939
Donald's Nephews Donald Duck 1938
Donald's Ostrich Donald Duck 1937
Donald's Penguin Donald Duck 1939
Donald's Snow Fight Donald Duck 1942
Donald's Tire Trouble Donald Duck 1943
Donald's Vacation Donald Duck 1940
Don's Fountain of Youth Donald Duck 1953
Double Dribble Goofy 1946
Dragon Around Donald Duck 1954
Drip Dippy Donald Donald Duck 1948
Duck Hunt Mickey Mouse 1932
Duck Pimples Donald Duck 1945
Dude Duck Donald Duck 1951
Dumbell of the Yukon Donald Duck 1946
Early to Bed Donald Duck 1941
Education for Death Special 1943
Egyptian Melodies Silly Symphonies 1931
El Gaucho Goofy Goofy (from Saludos Amigos) 1955
El Terrible Toreador Mickey Mouse 1928-1929
Elmer Elephant Silly Symphonies 1936
Emperor Penguins live action 1955
Empty Socks Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1927-1928
Eyes Have It, The Donald Duck 1945
Eyes in Outer Space live action 1959
Fall Out-Fall In Donald Duck 1943
Farmyard Symphony Silly Symphonies 1938
Father Noah's Ark Silly Symphonies 1933
Fathers Are People Goofy 1951
Father's Day Off Goofy 1953
Father's Lion Goofy 1952
Father's Weekend Goofy 1953
Ferdinand the Bull Special 1938
Figaro and Cleo Figaro 1943
Figaro and Frankie Figaro 1947
Fire Chief Donald Duck 1940
Fire Fighters Mickey Mouse 1930
First Aiders Pluto 1944
Fishin' Around Mickey Mouse 1931
Flash the Teenage Otter live action 1965
Flowers and Trees Silly Symphonies 1932
Flying Gauchito, The from "The Three Caballeros" 1955
Flying Jalopy Donald Duck 1943
Flying Mouse, The Silly Symphonies 1934
Flying Squirrel, The Donald Duck 1954
Food for Feudin' Pluto 1950
Football (Now and Then) Special 1953
For Whom the Bulls Toil Goofy 1953
Foul Hunting Goofy 1947
Fox Chase, The Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1927-1928
Fox Hunt, The Donald Duck 1938
Fox Hunt, The Silly Symphonies 1931
Frank Duck Brings 'em Back Alive Donald Duck 1946
Freewayphobia cartoon 1965
Freewayphobia #2 (Goofy's Freeway Trouble) cartoon 1965
Frolicking Fish Silly Symphonies 1930
Funny Little Bunnies Silly Symphonies 1934
Gala Day at Disneyland live action 1960
Gallopin' Gaucho Mickey Mouse 1928-1929
Gentleman's Gentleman, A Pluto 1941
Get Rich Quick Goofy 1951
Giant Land Mickey Mouse 1933
Goddess of Spring Silly Symphonies 1934
Golden Eggs Donald Duck 1941
Golden Horseshoe Revue live action 1964
Golden Touch, The Silly Symphonies 1935
Goldie Locks and the Three Bears Laugh-O-Grams 1922-1923
Goliath II cartoon 1960
Good Scouts Donald Duck 1938
Good Time for a Dime, A Donald Duck 1941
Goofy and Wilbur Goofy 1939
Goofy Gymnastics Goofy 1949
Goofy's Glider Goofy 1940
Gorilla Mystery Mickey Mouse 1930
Grand Canyon live action 1959
Grand Canyonscope Donald Duck 1954
Grasshopper and the Ants, The Silly Symphonies 1934
Great Guns Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1927-1928
Greener Yard, The Donald Duck 1949
Grin and Bear It Donald Duck 1954
Grocery Boy Mickey Mouse 1932
Gulliver Mickey Mickey Mouse 1934 
Harem Scarem Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1927-1928
Haunted House Mickey Mouse 1928-1929
Hawaiian Holiday Mickey Mouse 1937
Hello Aloha Goofy 1952
Hell's Bells Silly Symphonies 1928-1929
Hockey Champ Donald Duck 1939
Hockey Homicide Goofy 1945
Hold That Pose Goofy 1950
Home Defense Donald Duck 1943
Home Made Home Goofy 1951
Honey Harvester Donald Duck 1949
Hook, Lion and Sinker Donald Duck 1950
Hooked Bear cartoon 1956
Horse with the Flying Tail, The live action 1960
Hot Dog Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1927-1928
Hound That Thought He Was a Raccoon, The live action 1960
How to Be a Detective Goofy 1952
How to Be a Sailor Goofy 1944
How to Dance Goofy 1953
How to Fish Goofy 1942
How to Have an Accident at Work Donald Duck 1959
How to Have an Accident in the Home Donald Duck 1956
How to Play Baseball Goofy 1942
How to Play Football Goofy 1944
How to Play Golf Goofy 1944
How to Ride a Horse Goofy 1950
How to Sleep Goofy 1953
How to Swim Goofy 1942
Hungry Hoboes Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1927-1928 
In Dutch Pluto 1946
In the Bag cartoon 1956
Inferior Decorator Donald Duck 1948
Islands of the Sea True-Life Adventure 1960
Jack and Old Mac cartoon 1956
Jack and the Beanstalk Laugh-O-Grams 1922-1923
Japan People and Places 1960
Jazz Fool, The Mickey Mouse 1928-1929
Johnny Appleseed from "Melody Time" 1955
Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet from "Make Mine Music" 1954
Jungle Rhythm Silly Symphonies 1928-1929
Just Dogs Silly Symphonies 1932
Just Mickey Mickey Mouse 1930
Karnival Kid, The Mickey Mouse 1928-1929
King Neptune Silly Symphonies 1932
Klondike Kid, The Mickey Mouse 1932
Knight for a Day, A Goofy 1946 
Lake Titicaca Donald Duck (from Saludos Amigos) 1955
Lambert, The Sheepish Lion Special 1952
Lapland People and Places 1957
Legend of Coyote Rock, The Pluto 1945
Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The from "Ichabod and Mr. Toad" 1958
Legend of the Boy and the Eagle, The live action 1967
Lend a Paw Pluto 1941
Let's Stick Together Donald Duck 1952
Lighthouse Keeping Donald Duck 1946
Lion Around Donald Duck 1950
Lion Down Goofy 1951
Litterbug, The Donald Duck 1961
Little Hiawatha Silly Symphonies 1937
Little House, The Special 1952
Little Red Riding Hood Laugh-O-Grams 1922-1923
Little Toot from "Melody Time" 1954
Little Whirlwind, The Mickey Mouse 1941
Lone Chipmunks, The Donald Duck 1954
Lonesome Ghosts Mickey Mouse 1937
Lucky Number, A Donald Duck 1951
Lullaby Land Silly Symphonies 1933
Mad Doctor, The Mickey Mouse 1933
Mad Dog Mickey Mouse 1932
Magician Mickey Mickey Mouse 1937
Mail Dog Pluto 1947
Mail Pilot, The Mickey Mouse 1933
Man in Space live action 1956
Man's Best Friend Goofy 1952
Mars and Beyond live action 1957
Martha a Song-o-Reel 1922-1923
Martins and the Coys, The from "Make Mine Music" 1954
Mechanical Cow, The Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1927-1928
Melody (Adventures in Music) Special 1953
Men Against the Arctic People and Places 1955
Merbabies Silly Symphonies 1938
Merry Dwarfs, The Silly Symphonies 1928-1929
Mickey and the Seal Mickey Mouse 1948
Mickey Cuts Up Mickey Mouse 1931
Mickey Down Under Mickey Mouse 1948
Mickey in Arabia Mickey Mouse 1932
Mickey Plays Papa Mickey Mouse 1934
Mickey Steps Out Mickey Mouse 1931
Mickey's Amateurs Mickey Mouse 1937
Mickey's Birthday Party Mickey Mouse 1942
Mickey's Choo Choo Mickey Mouse 1928-1929
Mickey's Circus Mickey Mouse 1936
Mickey's Delayed Date Mickey Mouse 1947
Mickey's Elephant Mickey Mouse 1936
Mickey's Fire Brigade Mickey Mouse 1935
Mickey's Follies Mickey Mouse 1928-1929
Mickey's Gala Premiere Mickey Mouse 1933
Mickey's Garden Mickey Mouse 1935
Mickey's Good Deed Mickey Mouse 1932
Mickey's Grand Opera Mickey Mouse 1936
Mickey's Kangaroo Mickey Mouse 1935
Mickey's Man Friday Mickey Mouse 1935
Mickey's Mechanical Man Mickey Mouse 1933
Mickey's Mellerdrammer Mickey Mouse 1933
Mickey's Nightmare Mickey Mouse 1932
Mickey's Orphans Mickey Mouse 1931
Mickey's Pal Pluto Mickey Mouse 1933
Mickey's Parrot Mickey Mouse 1938
Mickey's Polo Team Mickey Mouse 1936
Mickey's Revue Mickey Mouse 1932
Mickey's Rival Mickey Mouse 1936
Mickey's Service Station Mickey Mouse 1935
Mickey's Steamroller Mickey Mouse 1934
Mickey's Trailer Mickey Mouse 1938
Midnight in a Toy Shop Silly Symphonies 1930
Modern Inventions Mickey Mouse 1937
Monkey Melodies Silly Symphonies 1930
Moose Hunt, The Mickey Mouse 1931
Moose Hunters Mickey Mouse 1937
More Kittens Silly Symphonies 1936
Morris the Midget Moose Special 1950
Moth and the Flame, The Silly Symphonies 1938
Mother Goose Goes Hollywood Silly Symphonies 1938
Mother Goose Melodies Silly Symphonies 1931
Mother Pluto Mickey Mouse 1936
Motor Mania Goofy 1950
Moving Day Mickey Mouse 1936
Mr. Duck Steps Out Donald Duck 1940
Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip Mickey Mouse 1940
Music Land Silly Symphonies 1935
Musical Farmer Mickey Mouse 1932
Mysteries of the Deep live action 1959
Nature's Half Acre True-Life Adventure 1951
Nature's Strangest Creatures live action 1959
Neck 'n' Neck Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1927-1928
New Neighbor, The Donald Duck 1953
Newman Laugh-0-Grams Newman Laugh-0-Grams 1920
Nifty Nineties Mickey Mouse 1941
Night Silly Symphonies 1930
Night Before Christmas, The Silly Symphonies 1933
Niok live action 1957
No Hunting Donald Duck 1955
No Sail Goofy&Donald 1945
No Smoking Goofy 1951
Noah's Ark cartoon 1959 
Ocean Hop, The Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1927-1928
Officer Duck Donald Duck 1939
Oh, Teacher Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1927-1928
Oh, What a Knight Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1927-1928
Old Army Game, The Donald Duck 1943
Old King Cole Silly Symphonies 1933
Old MacDonald Duck Donald Duck 1941
Old Mill, The Silly Symphonies 1937
Old Sequoia Donald Duck 1945
Ole Swimmin' Hole, The Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1927-1928
Olympic Champ, The Goofy 1942
On Ice Mickey Mouse 1935
Once Upon a Wintertime from "Melody Time" 1954
Opry House, The Mickey Mouse 1928-1929
Orphans' Benefit Mickey Mouse 1934
Orphans' Benefit Mickey Mouse 1941
Orphans' Picnic Mickey Mouse 1936
Out of Scale Donald Duck 1951
Out on a Limb Donald Duck 1950
Ozzie of the Mounted Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1927-1928 
Pantry Pirate Pluto 1940
Paul Bunyan cartoon 1958
Peculiar Penguins Silly Symphonies 1934
Pedro from "Saludos Amigos" 1955
Pelican and the Snipe, The Special 1944
Pests of the West Pluto 1950
Pet Store, The Mickey Mouse 1933
Peter and the Wolf from "Make Mine Music" 1955
Picnic, The Mickey Mouse 1930
Pied Piper Silly Symphonies 1933
Pigs Is Pigs cartoon 1954
Pioneer Days Mickey Mouse 1930
Plane Crazy Mickey Mouse 1928-1929
Plastics Inventor, The Donald Duck 1944
Playful Pan Silly Symphonies 1930
Playful Pluto Mickey Mouse 1934
Plow Boy, The Mickey Mouse 1928-1929
Pluto and the Armadillo Pluto 1943
Pluto and the Gopher Pluto 1950
Pluto at the Zoo Pluto 1942
Pluto Junior Pluto 1942
Plutopia Pluto 1951
Pluto's Blue Note Pluto 1947
Pluto's Christmas Tree Mickey Mouse 1952
Pluto's Dream House Pluto 1940
Pluto's Fledgling Pluto 1948
Pluto's Heart Throb Pluto 1950
Pluto's Housewarming Pluto 1947
Pluto's Judgment Day Mickey Mouse 1935
Pluto's Kid Brother Pluto 1946
Pluto's Party Pluto 1952
Pluto's Playmate Pluto 1941
Pluto's Purchase Pluto 1948
Pluto's Quinpuplets Pluto 1937
Pluto's Surprise Package Pluto 1949
Pluto's Sweater Pluto 1949
Pointer, The Mickey Mouse 1939
Polar Trappers Donald Duck 1938
Poor Papa Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1927-1928
Portugal People and Places 1957
Practical Pig, The Special 1939
Primitive Pluto Pluto 1950
Private Pluto Pluto 1943
Prowlers of the Everglades True-Life Adventure 1953
Pueblo Pluto Pluto 1949
Puppy Love Mickey Mouse 1933
Purloined Pup, The Pluto 1946
Puss in Boots Laugh-O-Grams 1922-1923
Puss-Cafe Pluto 1950
Put-Put Troubles Donald Duck 1940
R'coon Dawg Mickey Mouse 1951
Reason and Emotion Special 1943
Rescue Dog Pluto 1947
Rickety Gin Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1927-1928
Ride 'Em Plowboy Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1927-1928
Rival Romeos Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1927-1928
Riveter, The Donald Duck 1940
Robber Kitten, The Silly Symphonies 1935
Rugged Bear Donald Duck 1953
Run, Appaloosa, Run live action 1966
Saga of Windwagon Smith, The cartoon 1961
Sagebrush Sadie Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1927-1928
Samoa People and Places 1956
Santa's Workshop Silly Symphonies 1932
Sardinia People and Places 1956
Scotland People and Places 1958
Scrooge McDuck and Money cartoon 1967
Sea Salts Donald Duck 1949
Sea Scouts Donald Duck 1939
Seal Island True-Life Adventure 1949
Self Control Donald Duck 1938
Seven Cities of Antarctica People and Places 1958
Shanghaied Mickey Mouse 1934
Sheep Dog Pluto 1949
Shindig, The Mickey Mouse 1930
Siam People and Places 1954
Simple Things, The Mickey Mouse 1953
Skeleton Dance Silly Symphonies 1928-1929
Sky Scrappers Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1927-1928
Sky Trooper Donald Duck 1942
Sleepwalker, The Pluto 1942
Sleepytime Donald Donald Duck 1947
Sleigh Bells Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1927-1928
Slide, Donald, Slide Donald Duck 1949
Social Lion cartoon 1954
Society Dog Show Mickey Mouse 1939
Soup's On Donald Duck 1948
Spare the Rod Donald Duck 1954
Spider and the Fly, The Silly Symphonies 1931
Springtime Silly Symphonies 1928-1929
Springtime for Pluto Pluto 1944
Squatter's Rights Pluto 1946
Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse 1928-1929
Steeplechase, The Mickey Mouse 1933
Stormy, the Thoroughbred with an Inferiority Complex live action 1954
Story of Anyburg U.S.A., The cartoon 1957
Straight Shooters Donald Duck 1947
Summer Silly Symphonies 1930
Susie, The Little Blue Coupe Special 1952
Switzerland People and Places 1955
Symphony Hour Mickey Mouse 1942
Symposium on Popular Songs, A cartoon 1962
Tall Timber Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1927-1928
Tattooed Police Horse, The live action 1964
T-Bone for Two Pluto 1942
Tea for Two Hundred Donald Duck 1948
Teachers Are People Goofy 1952
Tennis Racquet Goofy 1949
Test Pilot Donald Donald Duck 1951
They're Off Goofy 1948
Three Blind Mouseketeers Silly Symphonies 1936
Three for Breakfast Donald Duck 1948
Three Little Pigs Silly Symphonies 1933
Three Little Wolves Silly Symphonies 1936
Three Orphan Kittens Silly Symphonies 1935
Thru the Mirror Mickey Mouse 1936
Tiger Trouble Goofy 1945
Timber Donald Duck 1941
Toby Tortoise Returns Silly Symphonies 1936
Tommy Tucker's Tooth    1922-1923
Tomorrow We Diet Goofy 1951
Toot, Whistle, Plunk, and Boom Special 1953
Tortoise and the Hare, The Silly Symphonies 1935
Touchdown Mickey Mickey Mouse 1932
Toy Tinkers Donald Duck 1949
Trader Mickey Mickey Mouse 1932
Traffic Troubles Mickey Mouse 1931
Trailer Horn Donald Duck 1950
Trial of Donald Duck, The Donald Duck 1948
Trick or Treat Donald Duck 1952
Trolley Troubles Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1927-1928
Trombone Trouble Donald Duck 1944
Truant Officer Donald Donald Duck 1941
Truth About Mother Goose, The cartoon 1957
Tugboat Mickey Mickey Mouse 1940
Two Chips and a Miss Chip 'n' Dale 1952
Two for the Record from "Make Mine Music" 1954
Two Gun Goofy Goofy 1952
Two Weeks Vacation Goofy 1952
Two-Gun Mickey Mickey Mouse 1934
Ugly Duckling, The Silly Symphonies 1931
Ugly Duckling, The Silly Symphonies 1939
Uncle Donald's Ants Donald Duck 1952
Up a Tree Donald Duck 1955
Vanishing Private, The Donald Duck 1942
Victory Vehicles Goofy 1943
Village Smithy, The Donald Duck 1942 
Wales People and Places 1958
Water Babies Silly Symphonies 1935
Water Birds True-Life Adventure 1952
Wayward Canary, The Mickey Mouse 1932
Wet Paint Donald Duck 1946
Wetback Hound, The live action 1957
Whalers, The Mickey Mouse 1938
When the Cat's Away Mickey Mouse 1928-1929
Who Killed Cock Robin? Silly Symphonies 1935
Whoopee Party, The Mickey Mouse 1932
Wide Open Spaces Donald Duck 1947
Wild Waves Mickey Mouse 1928-1929
Willie the Operatic Whale from "Make Mine Music" 1954
Window Cleaners Donald Duck 1940
Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree cartoon 1966
Winter Silly Symphonies 1930
Winter Storage Donald Duck 1949
Wise Little Hen, The Silly Symphonies 1934
Wonder Dog, The Pluto 1950
Woodland Cafe Silly Symphonies 1937
Working for Peanuts Donald Duck 1953
Worm Turns, The Mickey Mouse 1937
Wynken Biynken and Nod Silly Symphonies 1938
Ye Olden Days Mickey Mouse 1933
Yellowstone Cubs live action 1963